We support a wide-range of businesses from retail to manufacturing and offer consultation on a variety of business aspects ranging from on-site improvement (kaizen) for day-to-day operations to business strategy and improvement planning.

  • Implementing a business improvement plan (bag-and-luggage retail business, automobile-related services, lighting equipment manufacturer) – Kanagawa, Tokyo
  • Improving on-site performance: shortening delivery times, improving productivity, etc. (metal-machining manufacturing, plastic-mold manufacturing, food-packaging machinery manufacturing, manufacturing of special screws) – Kanagawa, Hiroshima, Fukushima
  • Formulating a cost management system (electric circuit board manufacturing) – Kanagawa
  • 5S diagnosis (major metal press work manufacturing company) – Kanagawa
  • Implementing an SCM strategy (major manufacturer of FMCG, major overseas food service business) – Tokyo, Korea
  • Developing innovative service techniques (major overseas food service business) – Korea
  • Formulating an e-commerce sales strategy for unique goods (chemicals OEM manufacturing company) – Chiba
  • Improving B2B sales processes (high-quality curtain SPA, hand-crafted tool manufacturer) – Gifu, Okayama
  • Formulating a people development strategy for next-generation successor (a long-established hot spring inn facility with a new business model) – Niigata
  • And more…

Training and Seminars

We offer training on a broad range of subjects from business tools of contemporary approaches to people development at the employee, executive, and organizational levels, domestically and internationally.

  • Change Management for Awareness of Top and Middle Managers – Tokyo
  • Training for Upper and Middle Management (MET Africa Support Project) – Mauritius

  • Total Quality Management (TQM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Corporate Sustainability Management (CSM) Seminars for the Service Sector (hosted by the Asian Productivity Organization) – Taiwan, Fiji, Mongolia

  • Global Supply Specialist Training (For those involved in supply, purchasing, and logistics for business) – Tokyo, Hiroshima
  • Statistical Analysis You Can Do in Excel for Business (Technical Show, Yokohama 2017)
  • Stimulating Corporate (B2B) Sales with the Use of Sales Equations (Techno Transfer, Kawasaki 2016)
  • Increasing Profits of SMEs and Overseas Development Support (Technical Show, Yokohama 2015)
  • And more…