Aggregator Japan Inc.

Chief Executive - Consultant

Certified Support Agencies for Business Innovation

Registered SME Management Consultant

Yukitoshi Tanno

Message from the Chief Executive

Welcome to Aggregator Japan's website.

Aggregator Japan is a management consulting firm. Our name comes from the verb to aggregate; we collect small and scattered elements and integrate them into a vibrant network.

Many businesses offer incredible products and services to their customers due to their profound skill and expertise.

Unfortunately, many also currently struggle without any guidance or support against the changing business environment. Your company might certainly be in this situation.

Aggregator Japan works directly with your business to draw out its hidden potential no matter its size. Through cooperation and collaboration with other entities regardless of borders, frontiers, and cultural differences, we can transform this hidden potential into something powerful and long-lasting.

By applying the skills and utilizing the global network that we have cultivated in the industries and businesses in Japan, the US, and Europe, we work hand-in-hand with your business to tackle the current challenges that small-to-medium-sized enterprises face. As a nationally recognized support agency, we offer the following services:

Management support based on the stage of your business life cycle (on-site support for your SME)

Productivity enhancement through on-site improvement (from the manufacturing site to the business frontlines, the storefront, offices, and more)

People development (change management, middle management training, executive coaching and guidance)

Support for overseas operations (business support for Japanese businesses looking to expand abroad or overseas businesses looking to enter the Japanese market)


Small-and-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) play an important role in the Japanese economy, making up 99.7% of all businesses, involving 70% of the total work force, and forming 50% percent of the gross domestic product (GDP). Similar patterns emerge internationally. The activities and development of SMEs are vital for the growth of both Japan and the world.

Unfortunately, the current environment presents a plethora of challenges to many businesses due to their small-scale nature resulting in possible stagnation. Difficulties include a lack of funding, human resources, and up-to-date information and knowledge.

While SMEs and small-scale businesses are small in size individually, it is possible to bring forth their incredible potential by organically linking them together, whether these individual businesses are located in Japan or overseas. We work to draw out these hidden qualities and possibilities in your business. By promoting this kind of integration and cooperation, our mission at Aggregator Japan is to promote a healthy and fruitful relationship between Japan and the rest of the world.

Work Experience of the Managing Director

Mr. Yukitoshi Tanno has more than twenty years of experience in a number of major industries including aviation, medical equipment, e-commerce, food services, beverages, and others. This includes experience in the following internationally renowned companies:

  • Japan Airlines – Japan
  • GE Healthcare - US
  • Amazon – US
  • Seiyo Food-Compass Group – UK
  • Coca-Cola – US

His work includes implementing strategies for technology, corporate planning, supply chain operation (production, purchasing, and logistics), international trade, new business development, business reform, cost efficiency and value creation.

He currently serves as a consultant to the Japanese Productivity Center and as an advisor to overseas food businesses (Korea). In addition, he holds business seminars for the Asia Productivity Organization.

Academic Qualifications

1983 University of Electro-Communications (Tokyo)
- Bachelor of Engineering in Communication Engineering

1985 Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo)
- Master of Engineering in Physical Electronics

2000 Arthur D. Little School of Management (Boston)
- Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Business Qualifications and Certifications

  • Japan METI - Certified Support Agencies for Business Innovation
  • Japan METI – Registered SME Consultant
  • Japan CCI – Retail Marketing Adviser, 1st Class
  • Japan Productivity Center – Accredited Management Consultant
  • ISM – CPSM (Certified Professional in Supply Management)
  • JIPCC – Certified Executive Coach
  • GE Six-sigma Greenbelt

What are support agencies for business innovation?

A support agency for business innovation is officially recognized as possessing a combination of high-level expertise in a specific area (taxation and/or banking and finance) and significant practical experience (such as offering support for formulating and implementing business innovation plans).

SMEs and small-scale businesses can be assured that they receive sound business advice and high-quality support on a range of diverse and complex management issues from these agencies.

In addition to the institutions that traditionally support SMEs, such as the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and other official commerce and industrial associations, the other main certified support agencies include financial institutions, registered SME management consultants, tax accountants, certified public accountants, and law offices.

Source: SME Agency Mirasapo

Professional Organizations

  • Kawasaki City Industry Promotion Foundation: Kawasaki City SME Support Center Specialist
  • Kawasaki Chamber of Commerce & Industry: Member and Techno Plaza Advisor
  • Kanagawa Prefecture SME Management Consultant Association
  • Association of Kawasaki SME Management Consultants
  • Association of Shibuya SME Management Consultants
  • Institute for Supply Management (ISM): Regular member