People Development (change management, middle management training, executive coaching and guidance)


The key to people development is awareness and motivation, and the most essential tool in fostering these is communication.

Knowledge and skills-training are not the only elements required to improve results. Why might this be?

This is because people produce results, not just mere machinery and tools. Unless people take action and implement all these skills into actual situations, results cannot be realized.

Whether individuals take action or not depends on their ability to adapt appropriate mindsets for a given situation.

In order to foster this capability, we offer and implement needs-based programs and training to raise awareness in the workplace for employees, middle management, and upper management based on an analysis of workplace communication (e.g., a convenient questionnaire).

A certified executive coach will offer appropriate guidance through each level of training.

Overseas Business Expansion (Inbound, Outbound)


With an abundance of experience with overseas businesses and a successful track record of working internationally in Asia and Africa, we offer the following support for globally-minded businesses:

Japanese companies (expansion into overseas markets, overseas production development)

Overseas companies (expansion into the Japanese market, improvement of local management)

As an agency, we have collaborated with people of diverse backgrounds in carrying out several projects. We will support your company’s overseas expansion drawing upon our cross-cultural communication capabilities, including professional language support in English and Japanese.